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Services to Candidates

SA3 deals with all the major employers in South Africa, the UK, Australia and the rest of the world and is uniquely placed to advise on actuarial positions in particularly South Africa but also abroad. We are confident that we would be able to match your skills, experience and needs with a suitable vacancy. 


We not only offer a unique and professional service to candidates that want to move to other countries, but we have also established ourselves as one of the leading actuarial recruitment firms in South Africa over the last couple of years. We deal with all the major employers in South Africa and the feedback we’ve had from both employers and candidates have been amazing. The general consensus is that having a fully qualified actuary involved in the recruitment process is beneficial to both the candidates and the employer.

Having also joined forces with some of the leading Recruitment firms in the UK, Australia, Asia and USA, we believe that we are well placed to provide an excellent service to candidates who want to move abroad. We provide employers abroad with significant comfort by having qualified actuaries in South Africa meeting the candidates and we can see it in our results.

Why do we claim to offer a unique service? For one, we have a dedicated qualified actuary that will look after your recruitment needs. He knows the South African market inside out and has many contacts within the business. Whether you are looking to fill a strategic position or looking for a different challenge, we would be able to help. Then secondly, unlike many of our competitors, we have been through the relocation process ourselves. After gaining valuable experience in the UK market, we have now returned to South Africa, able to share what we have learnt. From the big challenges of relocation and how to negate them, to passing on our knowledge about the smaller detail, our service is unique and professional.


The services we offer candidates include:

  • Every candidate will be met in person by a qualified actuary (where possible).
  • We will sit down with you and professionally review your CV.
  • We will NOT put your CV forward for a position without your consent.  
  • We also provide distance interview facilities (video conferencing or telephone).
  • If an employer requires meeting you in person, we will assist you with traveling arrangements and accommodation

We’ve been through the process ourselves and know what to expect. We can assist you with almost everything: from shipping and Underground travelcards to visas. We offer an A-Z relocation solution, and we mean it.