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Services to Employers

SA3 targets Actuarial professionals, at all stages in their career development. Our initial focus was on candidates that want to either return to South Africa or relocate to other countries abroad, on permanent or temporary basis. However, we quickly realized that there is a healthy demand for quality service and advice from our local employers and candidates in South Africa.




The services we offer Employers include:

  • Extensive marketing to South African Actuarial professionals.
  • All interested candidates will undergo a detailed screening process that will include:
    • Meeting the candidate in person.
    • Determining the candidates’ abilities and experience by talking through their CV with them.
    • Determining the candidates’ medium to long-term career objectives with our Career Questionnaire
  • We provide employers with CVs and detailed interview notes, matching specific candidates with specific vacancies.  We will NOT blindly forward you CVs.  
  • If an employer wants to fill a specific vacancy urgently we also provide “head-hunting” service.
  • We are able to provide distance interview facilities (video conferencing or telephone).
  • If an employer requires meeting a candidate in person, we would be able to assist the candidate with travel arrangements and accommodation in the UK.

We want to establish a long-term relationship with employers and therefore align our goals with those of our clients. We offer a 100% return of any fees within 3 months should the placement not prove mutually beneficial.