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Job Title
Senior Life Insurance Actuarial Consultant
Johannesburg (SA)
Skills Level Required
Nearly Qualified >2 years experience
Job Type
Senior Life Insurance Actuarial Consultant
Job Description

Our client is looking for a nearly qualified actuary to provide actuarial and technical assistance to the actuary and/or clients. Experience with SAM, EV’s, ORSA’s, reserving, solvency valuations and pricing will be advantageous.


Responsibilities will include:

• Managing workflow and deadlines

• Achieving key performance indicators

• Ensuring quality control procedures are adhered to and maintained

• Maintain and improve client relationships

• Provide technical support to the Life Actuary on all areas 

• Supporting the Senior Consulting Actuary

• Interacting and communicating with clients when needed

• Membership of Actuarial Society of South Africa committees/ sub-committees

• Participating in R and D programme, seminars or conferences

• Participating in marketing exercises and assisting with tenders

• Maintaining and developing knowledge of the client markets/ countries

• Keeping up to date with Life Insurance practice and CPD for Southern Africa


Market Related
Industry Sector
Life Insurance
Agent Details
Henda [ henda@sa3.co.za or +27 (0)83 603 2961 ]

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