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Children have always been close to our hearts here at SA3. We have been actively involved in finding creative solutions for the children in our own community for many years. Children that would otherwise have lost hope and any sense of self-worth. We believe that every young person in South Africa should have the opportunity to participate fully in learning and in life regardless of means or ability.

Funda Wande is an influential non-profit organisation in the early grade reading and mathematics space in South Africa. It was founded by Dr Nic Spaull in 2017 at the request of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Endowment. The aim of the organisation was, and still is, to ensure that all children in South African learn to read for meaning and calculate with confidence by age 10 by 2030. They do this by hiring the best people they can find and work as a team to create high-quality materials, experiment with different teacher training approaches, and independently evaluate everything they do.

Since we believe that our network includes the kind of “difference-makers” that they are looking to recruit, we would like to share that Funda Wande is recruiting a new CEO as part of a planned transition.  It’s a role that is probably about as good as it gets in the education NGO sector. We suspect that there will be a strong preference for someone that can really drive their core focus on literacy in African languages.

SA3 does not get remunerated in any way for sharing this with our network, but will credit it to changing lives of children we will in all likelihood never meet. Please share and let’s make sure Funda Wande find the best possible candidate in South Africa. It will eventually impact us all.

The SA3 Team