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The 2020 Virtual Actuarial Convention

I think it is fair to say that we did not really know what to expect going into the first ever Virtual Actuarial Convention at the beginning of October. We had really high expectations for the Virtual Exhibition Booth and while we would have liked more people to have said hallo in our Zoom booths, we had just under 500 visitors during the 3 days. If you were one of those 500, thank you for visiting our booth and please reach out to us if you want to discuss anything in person.

We are also delighted about the more than 700 actuaries and students that logged in for our Breakfast session, making it one of the most popular sessions of the whole Convention. We discussed the results of the SA3 Salary Survey and the topic generated lots of debate afterwards. If you still have some lingering questions about anything related to the session, please get in touch. We are also happy to share the slides and last year’s report with anyone who might be interested.

Looking back, we really enjoyed the Virtual Convention and the launch of both the SA3 App and our brand new SA3 website. These could not have come at a better time. After a challenging start to 2020, we believe that we will come out stronger and better prepared for the future than ever before.

Congratulations to the winner of the Convention’s “The Big Game”, WJ de Vries, and to Luyanda Maqungo, who’s SA3 App registration took the pledged amount of total donations to the Jakes Gerwel Technical High School in Bonnievale to the initial milestone of R100,000. We hope you both thoroughly enjoy your award winning Bonnievale wines.

The SA3 App

With just over 600 Actuaries and students that have already downloaded the SA3 App, it shows that the SA3 App will play a significant role in the future of actuarial recruitment in South Africa. More and more people run their everyday lives from their mobile devices and the SA3 App seamlessly brings your professional profile and news about exciting new career opportunities securely onto your mobile device.

Getting started is as easy as downloading the App from the Apple App Store  or Google Play Store and following the quick registration process. For every valid registration SA3 has pledged to donate R250 towards the Jakes Gerwel Technical High School in Bonnievale, a community project close to our hearts. Total donations are already in excess of R150,000, thanks to the actuarial community.

Within a few short minutes, you will be able to benefit from several exciting features and services and manage your profile in an easy and fun way. 

We are already meeting with the SA3 App developers about introducing some exciting new features on version 2 of the App early next year. Actuarial recruitment will never be the same again. 

2020 SA3 Salary Survey

This year, our salary survey has moved into the SA3 App. Once you have downloaded the App, you can set your salary survey participation preference under the recruitment section in the App. All you must then do is complete your profile and share your current package details.

Having access to the SA3 Salary Survey Report is not the only benefit you will get. By sharing your package details with us in the App and selecting to be notified of exceptional opportunities, it enables us to instantly share more opportunities with you when they become available.

Alternatively, you are welcome to participate in our survey by replying to this email with your package details and CV attached.

Lastly, if you prefer to contribute to the survey anonymously, please reach out to us. We will arrange for you to do so.

We would like to request that you complete your profile by 16 November 2020. This will enable us to compile our report and share our findings at the start of 2021.

Current Vacancies

COVID19 had a significant impact on actuarial recruitment during the first half of 2020, but there are encouraging signs in the market with more and more roles becoming available every week. 

Here is a selection of 4 roles that we would like to bring under your attention:

For a more comprehensive list of current actuarial vacancies in South Africa and possible options abroad, please have a look at our brand new website

We are always happy to discuss your specific circumstances as employer or employee on a one-on-one basis.

Please contact one of us for a confidential discussion. 

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Director | FASSA, FIA 

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Senior Consultant | FASSA, CERA

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Henda Pretorius
Director | FASSA, FIA 

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