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Welcome to South African Actuaries Abroad ().

Since 2006 we have established ourselves as one of the leading actuarial recruitment firms in South Africa. We deal with all the major employers in South Africa and the feedback we receive from both employers and candidates have been amazing. The general consensus is that having a fully qualified actuary involved in the recruitment process is beneficial to both the candidates and the employer.

Our initial focus was on the hundreds of actuarial professionals that move between South Africa, the UK, Australia and the rest of the world every year. For this very reason we started our business and still offer an excellent service. We believe that we can provide a 360degree relocation solution to these professionals and in doing so, provide South African, UK, Australian and other employers with a constant stream of highly talented, dedicated and experienced individuals.

SA3 deals with all the major employers in South Africa, the UK, Australia and the rest of the world and is uniquely placed to advise on actuarial positions in particularly South Africa but also abroad. We are confident that we would be able to match your skills, experience and needs with a suitable vacancy. ... more
SA3 targets Actuarial professionals, at all stages in their career development. Our initial focus was on candidates that want to either return to South Africa or relocate to other countries abroad, on permanent or temporary basis. However, we quickly realized that there is a healthy demand for quality service and advice from our local employers and candidates in South Africa. ... more